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Join the Conversation. Share Your Wisdom

It’s your turn to share your wisdom, questions, and insights. The Healing Congregations Barefoot Guide is meant to be a conversation, not an instruction manual on what to do with suffering. That is not how suffering and healing work. We are only inviting congregations to tell and wrestle with their own stories and to listen for how God is listening and speaking, to be on a collective journey with your own questions. This is a quest, rather than the easy arrival at a collective answer.

This kind of journey, while seldom arriving at clear answers, if arriving at all, does ask for action. We may begin with questions about what has happened to us, often questions of bewilderment, cries of despair and confusion. But in telling our stories to each other, in community, in congregations, and helping each other to reflect, whether in conversation or prayer, we may arrive at clearer and more helpful questions. These questions then point to our next right action, our next helpful step. This is how life can work, one faithful step at a time.

Let us know your thoughts.

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