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Why a Companion Book?

This Healing Congregations book is rooted in human stories…stories about how experiences of both trauma and love shape us. It also includes different healing lenses from which to approach those stories. We hope this guide becomes a practical resource for theology and practice in congregations, theological schools, and spaces where communities of spirit are seeking God’s spirit of love and healing in the world.

Because the book offers so much, we wanted to create a brief Companion that can guide you on the journey. Ultimately, we trust that you will work with this book in ways that make the most meaning for you. This Companion simply offers a few possibilities for the initial steps. Our greatest hope is that you will find healing pathways to reflect and share your own stories of hope and healing and remind people of faith how congregations nurture life (and have nurtured it for centuries) in the midst of hurt.

As you read through the guide, you may be curious to note that a number of these stories happen outside of congregations. This reminds us that the work of church isn’t contained to the four walls of a building. Wherever we show up with a spirit of love and hope is a way towards nurturing life in our broken and beautiful world.

Healing Congregations Companion Book Coming Soon!

Road Map For Clergy

Road Map For Educators

Road Map For Youth Leaders

Road Map For Small Group Leaders

Road Map For Restorative Justice Practitioners

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