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Connect with Others in the Faith and Health Movement

There are many ways that people in the metropolitan Chicago area are working on faith and health.  The  purpose of the Faith and Health Community of Practice is to bring us all together to Learn, Connect and Renew.  We gather regularly throughout the year in Community of Practice gatherings to share what we are doing, meet others who are doing similar work, and renew our spirits.

Following are some of the ways that you can find and talk to others who are working in the same areas that you are.

Community of Practice Gatherings

Community of Practice gatherings provide opportunities for people working in the faith and health movement to share our wisdom with each other, develop relationships, and renew our spirits for the work that we do. website

This is an open source website. Users can post information about their organization, congregation, ministry, programs, etc. on the Directory so others can find you. You can also post information about your own Upcoming Events on our common calendar. Learn more.

Conferences and Summits

We hold regular conferences and summits that pull together the faith and health community to learn and consider how we can connect our work more effectively.


We consult with organizations that want to reach out to faith communities or build faith-based initiatives. We also work with congregations to help them think through directions they want to pursue in promoting the health of their members and/or communities.


NEXUS is our Community of Practice Gathering Spot–a place where you can keep up with what is happening in faith and health work in the region and share what you are doing with others…all in one place.

There are 3 things you can do through NEXUS:

1. Explore Upcoming Events on our Calendar…and upload your own events that you want others to know about by clicking on “Submit New Event”;
2. Use the Directory and Map to find others who are doing work on a similar topic or in your neighborhood. You can also post information about your own organization so that others can find you;
3. Participate in Forum discussions and networks that are happening around faith and health work in the region.

You can access all these features without joining NEXUS, but when you join, there is more you can see and do. Joining is easy. Just create a user name and password and you’re up and running!

If you have questions or need help, please contact Julie at or 630-929-6108.


Have a conversation about the work we are doing so we can connect the rich wisdom that resides in all of our experiences and perspectives. Learn more.

Share a Story

Send us a story about something that you are doing that you are excited about so others can learn from you or connect what they are doing. We’ll post it in our library of stories from the faith and health movement. Learn more.

A joint project of Advocate Health Care & the OCEAN-HP at the University of Illinois at Chicago.