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Health Impact Collaborative of Cook County

Community Survey

The Health Impact Collaborative of Cook County is a network of 22 hospitals, 6 health departments and community partners who are working together on community health assessment and planning in Chicago and Cook County. The participating nonprofit hospitals have all decided to make the most of the opportunity presented by the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) that is required for all nonprofit hospitals. They will be working together across health systems and collaboratively with communities to assess community health needs and assets and implement a shared plan to maximize health equity and wellness.

More information is available on the HICCC website about the Collaborative’s mission, vision and values.

Purpose of the Survey

This survey is designed to gather input from residents across Chicago and Cook County about community priorities to better understand the health and social issues that are affecting the communities that we serve. The priority for this survey is to hear from people and communities that are most impacted by health disparities or are under-served. We want to make sure to hear the voices of people who can speak from personal experience about community health needs across Chicago and Cook County. This input will be vital in informing the priorities for our CHNA implementation.

Please complete the survey and pass it along to members of your congregations, organizations and networks. Hard copies are available if needed.  The survey is available now in English and Spanish.  Versions in Polish and Korean are coming soon.  To distribute the survey you can:

Download a pdf version

Use this Bitlink:

For more information, contact Kristin Monnard from the Illinois Public Health Institute at or 312-850-4744.

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