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Dec. 3 Community of Practice Meeting Recap

By: Rev. Kirsten Peachey, Director of Faith and Health Partnerships, Advocate Aurora Health
Learn what you react to and what makes it hard to maintain inner peace…when in a polarized situation.
Grateful for reminders of connection to self, others and higher purpose. And for the rich new vocabulary on values-oriented work from Michelle. Our higher purpose is RELATIONSHIPS.
These are just a couple of thoughts from those who participated in the Dec. 3 Community of Practice meeting of the Chicagoland Trauma Informed Congregations Network.
We dialogued about how to use Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Restorative Justice (RJ) Principles to explore the question, “How do our faith traditions speak to trauma and addressing the polarities at this time?” Minister Michelle Day of Nehemiah Trinity Rising and Hema Pokharna of Journeys of Life shared their wisdom and guided our discussion.
Both Hema and Michelle encouraged us to root our actions and responses to conflict and division in our values and in relationships. One of the transformations of NVC is to act from VALUES instead of our emotions.
When faced with a conflict, Hema recommended that we pause and become aware of our thoughts. She also suggested that we listen for our feelings so we can discern the need of the person in front of us and respond to the need that underlies their beliefs and actions.
Restorative Justice (RJ) emphasizes building interpersonal, community and systemic relationships that prevent or repair unjust behavior through collective efforts. It is a way of life and embodies the belief of Ubuntu– “I am because WE are.” The RJ process asks us to build relationships first before jumping in to address issues and develop action plans.
Community of Practice meetings are a chance for us to share our expertise and interests with others. If there is a discussion that you would like to lead, please let us know and we will help you schedule it. Learn more about the Chicagoland Trauma Informed Congregations Network or sign up for our newsletter.

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