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Resiliency, Health and Well-being Resources

Resiliency Resources

Well-being and Resilience Guide.

Advocate Aurora Health Resilience and Well-being Tip Summary.

Advocate Aurora Resilience & Well-being Resource Guide provides information on the Employee Assistance Program, family care resources, healthy living resources and more.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has compiled a list of mental health resources related to resiliency and coping related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Family and Youth Institute Wellbeing in the Time of Coronavirus Toolkit includes Islamic resources on mental health, religious and spiritual practices, working or studying from home and parenting.

Supporting Resilience Infographic.

Promoting Resilient Families During COVID-19.  The Center for Childhood Resilience offers a wide range of resources, including fact sheets, conversational resources for families, a directory of resources and more.

The Upper Room offers ways to connect during the COVID-19 pandemic and a free online class called Freedom from Worry.

Emotional Resiliency Tips.  Tips to strengthen emotional resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar:  Community Resilience Model: An Introduction.

Webinar: Cultivating Our Best Selves in Response to COVID-19.

Resiliency Apps and Tools

iChill App can help by teaching you the Community Resiliency Model, a set of self-help skills. You will learn simple information about how stress affects the mind and body and more.

Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress offers a special toolkit for COVID-19 anxiety, with a free app that offers guided relaxation and meditations, daily motivational messages, and an “ask an expert” section.

Headspace is a stress, meditation, relaxation, and sleep app, free with NPI provider number.

The UCLA Mindful: Meditations for Well-Being app includes recorded mindfulness meditations of varying lengths and a weekly podcast.

The Society for Health Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association, offers a wide range of recommended wellness tools, including a sleep app and resources to address trauma.

Calm Your Nervous System is a free, streamable, 20-minute guided relaxation audio file. Using headphones or earbuds allows background binaural technology to deepen your relaxation response.

Meditation Resources

Reiki for Self-care

Objects Meditation

Breathwork & Guided Relaxation

The Relaxation Response

Tai Chi for Resiliency


Aromatherapy for Your Well-being

Introduction to Aromatherapy & Self-Care 

Pressure Point Techniques – Nausea Relief

An Evening Ritual – an Integrated Approach to Sleep

4-7-8 Breath

Free Meditation and Mindfulness Resources

The meditation app Ten Percent is offering free access to healthcare workers.  Please email for instructions on how to get access.

Color breathing.  Breathing exercises are one of the many relaxation techniques we can use to manage stress, reduce blood pressure and increase our vibration daily. They are fantastic for health and wellbeing. Many people do not breath properly, meaning the oxygen does not circulate around the body as well as it could. Oxygen is nourishing and essential to the body, helping to fight free radicals and boost your immune system. It can also help you to feel alert.

Deep Breathing Exercise.

Grounding Like a Tree.

Pandora Radio station (Celtic Harp Medley Radio)


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