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Connecting the Faith and Health Community of Practice

One of the best things about the work of The Center is that we get to do it along with partners.  There is a dynamic faith and health movement in the greater metropolitan Chicago region and part of our role is to try to help everyone see and connect with each other.

We do this through:

Community of Practice Gatherings

Community of Practice gatherings provide opportunities for people working in the faith and health movement to share our wisdom with each other, develop relationships, and renew our spirits for the work that we do. website

This is an open source website. Users can post information about their organization, congregation, ministry, programs, etc. on the Directory so others can find you. You can also post information about your own Upcoming Events on our common calendar.

Conferences and Summits

We hold regular conferences and summits that pull together the faith and health community to learn and consider how we can connect our work more effectively.


We consult with organizations that want to reach out to faith communities or build faith-based initiatives. We also work with congregations to help them think through directions they want to pursue in promoting the health of their members and/or communities

A joint project of Advocate Health Care & the OCEAN-HP at the University of Illinois at Chicago.