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Risking Connection in Faith Communities©

Risking Connection in Faith Communities©  is a curriculum developed by the Sidran Institute to equip faith leaders (clergy and lay) to build trauma-responsive congregational environments. It is an adaptation of an evidence-based training for clinicians that uses the RICH approach (Respect, Information, Connection and Hope). The basic idea is that relationships hurt, but that positive, loving, supportive relationships also are foundational to healing and renewal.  The program is grounded in perspectives from multiple religious traditions.

Risking Connection is a 2-day workshop, but is flexible and can be offered in whatever way is best for your community.  It is interactive and draws from the wisdom of participants about how their faith traditions speak to what creates resilience and hope.  It is appropriate for both clergy and lay leaders, such as youth leaders, religious educators, pastoral care providers, and social justice activists.

This curriculum:

  1. explains the effects of trauma
  2. focuses on the need for growth-promoting relationships
  3. explores the connection between trauma and spiritual distress
  4. recognizes the value of spirituality in recovery
  5. addresses the impact of trauma on the helper
  6. looks at how faith communities can promote healing

Contact us if you are interested in hosting a Risking Connection workshop in your community. There is a cost to offer the program, to support the workshop facilitators, materials, food and space, but we will work with you on a fee that works for you.

A joint project of Advocate Health Care & the OCEAN-HP at the University of Illinois at Chicago.