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Resources for Advocate Aurora Health Team Members

How you are matters.  Please find in-person, virtual well-being and resilience resources from Mission and Spiritual Care here:

Chaplain Connect

If you want somebody to talk to in these times of uncertainty, anxiety and stress, you can access a chaplain 24/7 via Chaplain Connect at 855-483-6977. Chaplain Connect provides team member, patient, family and physician spiritual care services in a new way using your telephone. Chaplain visits are confidential and support you and your own spiritual or religious perspectives.

Moral Distress and COVID-19

The Ethics Program and Mission & Spiritual Care are available to provide support to all Advocate Aurora Health team members who are experiencing moral distress.

What is Moral Distress?  Moral distress is the physical or emotional suffering that is experienced when constraints (internal or external) prevent one from following the course of action that one believes is right. (Pendry, 2007) Constraints that may occur during a pandemic include balancing concerns for your own health with caring for others who have a highly contagious disease, or how to best utilize potentially limited resources.

How Can Chaplains Help? Chaplains can help deal with emotions brought about by stressful situations such as anxiety, fear, guilt, vulnerability, discouragement, sadness and loneliness. They can help you address spiritual and religious questions and provide prayer.

How Can Ethics Consults Help? Ethics consults can help identify values conflicts in patient care and apply decision making frameworks to balance values and identify a range of paths forward.  Learn more.

Virtual Gatherings

These are options to check-in with others around the system. You can drop-in to a 20 minute gathering, schedule a gathering for your team, or join with others to explore moral distress and moral resilience. These are evidence-based offerings that are holistically designed with respect for a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and world views. We believe how you are matters, and we are committed to caring for you as you navigate the difficulties and joys of your important work. This page can be printed and posted.  Learn more.

Still Points

This is a chaplain led 15 minute pause in the day for staff, patients, and families to de-stress. You are working hard. Others are working hard. No need to engage, come and be quiet, color, pray, meditate, write, or simply shut off for a few minutes. No mic or camera required. Learn more.

Caring for Your Team

A weekly 30 minute leadership session to connect with other leaders around the system to share ideas about supporting yourself and your teams during this time. You are busy – so come when you can and participate for as long as you can. Learn more.

Self-Advocacy Bundle

We are our own best advocates.  Follow the link for activities that promote well-being, for individuals or teams. Learn more.

Support Groups for COVID-19 Challenges and Concerns

The Advocate Aurora Health Employee Assistance Program and Behavioral Health Service Line are now offering opportunities for Advocate Aurora Team Members to address challenges and concerns related to COVID-19. Illinois or click here; click here.

Other Well-being and Resilience Resources

Going Home Checklist

Respecting Yourself in the Presence of Distress

Advocate Aurora Resilience & Well-being Resource Guide provides information on the Employee Assistance Program, family care resources, healthy living resources and more.

Resilient Wisconsin offers resources for first responders and medical professionals, including tips to manage stress, how to deal with trauma and how to get help for yourself or a colleague.

I am interested in other resources on resiliency, health and well-being, including breathing exercises, meditation resources and online workouts. Click here.

Religious and Spiritual Resources

I am interested in livestream worship services, online sermons, prayers, blessings and other religious and spiritual resources. Click here.

Funeral and Bereavement Resources

My loved one has passed away and I would like information on holding funerals during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as bereavement resources. Click here.

Mental Health Resources

I am experiencing stress and anxiety. I would like to talk with someone or find out more about mental health resources. Click here.

Resources to help me, my family and community

I am worried about my neighbors and my family far away. Click here.

I live in Illinois and am interested in resources to help me and my family, including information on educational resources for my kids, childcare and social services. Click here.

I live in Wisconsin and am interested in resources to help me and my family, including information on educational resources for my kids, childcare and social services. Click here.

Action for Happiness Calendar

Action for Happiness offers monthly calendars, packed with actions you can take to help create a happier and kinder world. Learn more.

A joint project of Advocate Health Care & the OCEAN-HP at the University of Illinois at Chicago.